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Members of:  Samoyed Club of America, Inc. (SCA) & Samoyed Club of Austin, Inc.

Floydd-Out of Coat

Dynasty Samoyeds is located in the friendly state of Texas.  We do have a neat group of Sammie owners in Texas, I must admit!

I have served in several capacities with the clubs for which I belong, including animal-assisted therapy group.  Some of which are:  SCA Awards Chairperson, SCA Awards Committee Member, SCA Chief Teller, Newsletter Editor for two groups including animal-assisted therapy group, Trophy Chairperson, Education Chair and as a contributor of articles for the SCA Bulletin and website.

Activities we have been involved in include:  Conformation, Animal-Assisted Therapy, Pack Hiking, Herding, Parades and some very basic obedience.  We, also, just enjoy the everyday activities with our Sams concluding the days with snuggling with our dogs, who sleep in our bedroom with us.  Our Sams are very much a part of our everyday lives...they are members of our family.  They, nor we, would have it any other way!

Our dogs have earned some of the following titles or certifications:  Conformation Championships, Working Samoyed Certification, Herding Instinct Certifications, AKC Canine Good Citizen, Temperament Tests and Therapy Dog International or Inc. Certifications.  Lately, we have not been as involved as we would like, due to other obligations.

Here at Dynasty Samoyeds we do not breed very often.  When we plan & do a breeding it must be for a purpose, i.e., we are ready to add a new puppy to our pack, the breeding we feel is for the betterment of the breed, etc.  The breeding is well planned.  Temperaments and medical testing (health) are of utmost importance to us prior to breeding.  Reputable breeders know all too well that breeding involves a great deal of TIME, MONEY, RISK and BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS if done right.  There is NO MONEY to be made in a breeding well planned, tested, etc.  While pet shops and puppy mills can offer a puppy at what appears to be a "good deal" on the surface know that they are the ones who are usually making the "net" profit, not the responsible breeders, and in many cases at you and your dog's expense.  (Note:  Know that Reputable breeders and Members In Good Standing with the SCA, who abide by our National Samoyed Club of America's Code of Ethics will NEVER sell puppies to a pet shop.)  CLICK HERE FOR LINKS ON "SHOULD I OR SHOULD I NOT BREED"

The best advice I could ever offer a person(s) wanting to add a Samoyed to their family is "Do Your Research Upfront!", even if that means you will need to practice some patience during the process.  Remember, you will own your Samoyed for up to 12-15 years, so taking an extra month(s) or year upfront to do your own research, if needed, should not be an inconvenience.  I suggest reading as much as you can get your hands on, go to the Samoyed Club of America's web site and look up breeders in your area on the breeder referral list, ask those breeders for upcoming shows in their area so you can meet with them & others to discuss Samoyeds (all aspects), read about grooming, health, testing, ask about information you should receive from the breeder of your future puppy upfront regardless if you are purchasing a Samoyed for show, working events or solely for a pet/family member.  Talk with several breeders, not just one.  Ask about the negative aspects of owning a Samoyed, too, not just the positive aspects...be realistic!  This will get you started in the right direction with your research.  A good breeder will be there for you to ask questions during the lifetime of your Samoyed.  Many times new lifelong friendship are made with your breeder and they become your mentor.

I have, also, been involved on a limited basis with Samoyed Rescue.  We try to support our Rescue Clubs as best we can at any given time.  May I suggest that when considering a Samoyed that you take into consideration the older or rescue Samoyed, especially if the puppy training is not for you.  Samoyeds bond to their people at any age, not just as puppies.

If you are thinking about or are ready to add a Samoyed puppy, older dog or rescue Sam to your family you can go to my LINKS page for contact information or websites.

The Samoyed Is...
more than just a friendly pretty face,
and a beautiful magnificent dog,
they are a working dog that is,
agile, dignified, graceful and alert with strength.

Samoyeds are the dogs with the characteristic
"Samoyed Smile"
who carry the spirit of Christmas all year long!

Keep on SMILING,

Dynasty Samoyeds


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