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Blaze 8 wks Blaze Hiking Blaze Teenager
8 weeks Sable (L), Blaze (R) Hiking Teenager
US Flag Blaze Show Girl US Flag
  Blaze - Sweet & Innocent?  

Sire:   Ch. Shekina's Beraka of Aimee "Rocky" (Langlois)
Dam:   Ch. Polar Mist Up Town Girl, AM/CAN CD "Kristi" (Blue)
Whelped:  July 23, 1990
Bred By:  Lynette Blue, Polar Mist Samoyeds
Owned, Handled & Loved By:  Dynasty Samoyeds

Blaze's Pedigree

OFA, CERF'd, OFA Thyroid, Gonioscopy and other testing

Everyone seems to love Blaze, but innocent...NAW!  She is a sweet, feminine, and a CUTE girl who can really sing.  Blaze was a cute puppy, a cute teenager, and at 13 years old...still cute!  What a Sammie personality! 

Size:  Approx. 20", depending on the method used to measure
Weight:  42-44 lbs.
Greatest Strengths:  CUTE!, and all other except front
Weakness:  CUTE! <G>, I couldn't resist as it gets her in and out of a lot of trouble, and front

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