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"Types of Crates"

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Folding Crate~Types of Crates-Photo Examples~
By: Debbie Baird, Dynasty Samoyeds
When you find which type of crate you are interested in you can pull a search on the internet using the crate type as your search keyword, visit a local dog show vendor, talk with your breeder and/or visit my LINKS page under pet catalogs.



Hard Plastic Crate



Type:  Hard Plastic Crate





Wood Crate




Type:  Wood Crate




Collapsible/Folding Crate
Type:  Collapsible/Folding Wire Crate


Wire Crate




Type:  Wire Crate






Aluminum Crate




Type:  Aluminum Crate (come in several colors)




Soft Tent Crates-Dome (left) &
Std (right)-
come in several colors

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