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By: Debbie Baird, Dynasty Samoyeds

Floydd Photo & Owned By: Michelle Harris
Bred By:  Dynasty Samoyeds

Your Samoyed's ears should be checked on a regular basis for mites, infections such as yeast (may notice a brownish black substance inside the ears or reddening), ticks, fleas, etc. If you notice your dog shaking his head there could be a problem in the ears. Head shaking can cause an Auricular Hematoma so it is important in more ways than one to have your dog's ears checked by your veterinarian if this occurs. In brief, a hematoma is a fluid-filled swelling that develops on the surface of the pinna in dogs from head shaking or ear scratching. The condition is common in dogs. There are other problems that can cause hematomas, but for our purposes here we will address the ears. Treatment is surgical to allow drainage. For normal regular care of the ears, my vet suggests that cleaning the outer inside base of the ear (the part you can see) with a dry soft cloth is sufficient for my dogs. It is not recommended that you stick your fingers down into the dog's ear canal or use Q-Tips down inside the ear canal. Using Q-Tips down into the ear canal can cause damage to the ear. Some owners will use a mixture of vinegar, alcohol and water to clean the inside base of the ears and that is okay but would check with your veterinarian first for use with your dog. Your vet may recommend that you periodically use a rinsing solution followed by drying flush to clean further down into the ears.

Here is a site that offers some photos on ear cleaning "How To" for dogs and cats. You can go check it out by clicking HERE.










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