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By: Debbie Baird, Dynasty Samoyeds

Good feet, pads and foot care are vital to a working dog like the Samoyed
Shown: "Casey", Owned By: Pamela Andenmatten, Switzerland

Here is a great site with lots of info and includes clear & up close photos on clipping dogs toe nails...this site is worth your time to go look now.

To add on the feet/pads, try to cut your dog's nails at least once a week and no longer than once every two weeks. This will greatly depend on how fast your dog's nails grow. As with people, some dogs nails grow much faster than others do. Letting toenails grow too long can cause many problems including difficultly with gait. If you can hear your dog's nails clicking as they walk across the linoleum, hardwood floors, concrete, etc. they are too long. The nails should be trimmed as close as possible. With clear nails the quick can easily be seen, but is more difficult to the inexperienced owner on those black toenails. You will notice on the under side of your dog's nail it makes sort of a "V" shape. This can sometimes be a good indicator on those darker nails. Until you feel comfortable clipping the nails without quicking them it may be a good idea to have your veterinarian or tech do them for you, have more experienced friends do them, or be assisted the first couple of times by someone more experienced. There is a product called Kwik-Stop, which is sold, in most pet stores. This product is a septic powder that you can apply to a quicked nail to prevent bleeding. There are other products for this as well. Always check the coat in between the pad/toes on top and bottom for dried mud that may have harden and feel like rock, thorns, stickers, etc. once a week if not more often. These things can cause a lot of pain and discomfort for your dog. Also, I know some owners live in areas where foxtail are a problem. The feet are especially important to keep up on your Samoyed. Feet are a vital part of the dog's body.









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