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~Trimming Hocks~
By: Debbie Baird, Dynasty Samoyeds

"Shelby", Owned By: Nancy Hermle, Lazy S Samoyeds

I generally trim the hocks/rear pasterns and do feet while my dogs are lying down in front of the TV. With the dog lying on his/her left side I first comb out the coat on the hock thoroughly using my Greyhound comb (small tooth end). I line comb down towards the paw, then I line comb up towards the point of hock, but do not forget to comb the point of hock also. Time and energy permitted, I will also sometimes line comb the hock and rear pastern area coat from side to side. Now, with the dog's hock supported in my left hand (I am right handed so do not know if left handed people do this differently) I will comb all the coat on the hock, from the point of hock to the pad towards the floor (to the right side). Once all the coat is combed towards the direction of the floor, I slightly rotate the hock in my left hand towards me so that I now can see that right side using the imaginary line which can be seen from approximately the fibula bone down to the side of the pad. I will trim the coat starting at the side of the point of hock down towards the beginning of the pad area. I personally use scissors to do this, but many people use thinning shears instead. This is another one of those personal choices. The reason most people use thinning shears versus scissors is because it is felt that the thinning shears leave a more natural look. I suggest thinning shears for sure until you get the hang of it. Plus, until you get used to doing this area I would recommend trimming a little at a time to avoid cutting too short. After this side is complete, I will then line comb all the coat to the opposite side (left) and repeat the procedure just like you did to the right side of the hock. After both sides are complete, I will again line comb the entire hock coat down towards the pad and then up towards the point of hock, and out. It is an up and out type of stroke with the comb this time. You can look at the coat on the hock and touch up any stragglers. Now, you can do the other hock.

Some will trim hocks with their dog up on the grooming table. Basically, after completely line combing the hock coat out they will set the dog's foot evenly with the end of the table. Then holding the thinning shears vertically to the ceiling they will trim from the back starting at the bottom of the paw upwards towards the dog's point of hock. Again, with the thinning shears being held vertically to the ceiling. They usually start with the middle section of the hock until they get the hock trimmed how they would like followed by doing the right and left sides of the same hock. I suggest consulting with someone who uses this method prior to trying it.






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