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"Puppy Packet"

Suggestions For Your Puppy Packet




Some of the items listed, below, may have been given prior to the day of the new owner(s) picking up the puppy.  The items in an individual breeder's puppy packet may vary depending on location and/or individual puppy circumstances.  These suggestions listed are meant to be used as ideas only.

* Some items may need to be purchased by the new puppy owner(s), and/or brought with them when picking up their new puppy.

Please feel free to EMAIL US if you would like to add to the ideas listed here. 


Copies of Sire & Dam's OFA & CERF Copies of any other testing records on Sire & Dam
Puppy's Pedigree Puppy's Vaccination Record(s)
Photos of Sire & Dam Photos of Puppy with litter & Dam and/or Sire
Microchip and/or Tattoo Registration Info/Papers Microchip and/or Tattoo ID Tag
* Puppy Collar & Leash * Puppy Crate
Puppy Poop Bags * Water Bucket
* Puppy Behavior & Training Books Copy of Signed Contract/Purchase Agreement
Approximately 2 day supply of puppy food * New bag of puppy/adult dog food
Coupons for dog food used, if any Puppy Toys (breeder & new owner)
Write down notes for new owner on what to list on puppy's medical chart at the vet's office, i.e., NO SULFA DRUGS, USE ISO, NO ACE, etc. At least 1 litter item w/smells, i.e., toy that makes transition easier
AKC Pamphlets/Literature - numerous subjects AKC Registration Papers
Spay & Neuter Information, if applicable Health Records/Guarantees
Puppy Feeding Schedule SCA Membership Application
SCA Health Foundation Information Reading Info on all types of training/activities
Video Tapes, if any List of educational web sites
Futurity Puppy Nomination, if applicable Dog Show Schedule, Supt Info, Entry Forms, if appl.
Local Breed & All-Breed Clubs Names of local Samoyed owners/contacts
Dr. Dodds Recommended Vaccination Schedule Crate Training-Literature/web sites
Obedience Training-Local Classes Suggested Conformation Classes-Local
Puppy Housetraining Recommendations for working families
Breed History & Characteristics Working activities
Heartworm Medication Tick & Flea Preventative
Treat Recipes * Tote Bag
* Crate Tag Example of directives to be left in vehicle
All information on flying/traveling safely w/dog Nutritional Information
Puppy Treats (breeder & new owner) Pet Insurance Forms
Recommended Book List for future Poison Hotline Phone Number(s)
List of Poisonous Plants, Products, Prevention Structure & Movement, if applicable
Information on breeding, if applicable Preventing unwanted mating, if new to showing
(prior) Info on reasons dogs are given to shelters Weather conditions & dog's safety
List of items for First Aid Kit All Dog Show Information, if applicable
Samoyed Care & Grooming Information List of pet catalogs
Local Canine Newsletters SCA Publications & Samoyed Breed Books
List of web sites for Sammy Collectables  


Please feel free to EMAIL US if you would like to add to the ideas listed here. 


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