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"Shedding, Blowing Coat"


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~Shedding (Blowing Coat)~
By: Debbie Baird, Dynasty Samoyeds

A Samoyed Who Is Shedding, Blowing Coat
Samoyed Who Is Shedding, Blowing Coat
"Floydd", Photo By:  Michelle Harris, Owner

While there are exceptions to this rule, basically female Samoyeds will blow their coat twice a year and males once. Females will blow their coat usually based on their heat cycle/season. So, in the above example we are assuming this female is on a six-month cycle. How many months after the season that the female will blow coat varies. I suggest that you consult with your breeder on this to see approximately when their dogs blow coat, especially the Dam of your female Samoyed. This should give you a pretty close idea. The males usually blow coat based on when they were born (whelped).  Again, this all varies from dog to dog and your best information on this will come from your breeder, observation and record keeping. When your dog starts to blow coat I would suggest that you go on a daily grooming routine of blowing the old coat out, brushing, line combing, etc. Once that is accomplished you may want to give your dog a warm, not hot, bath to get out any remaining dead coat. Follow up with another warm bath one week later approximately. Continue with the daily grooming, and weekly baths until the entire old coat is out. Otherwise, you will end up with a matted dog. This could lead to hot spots, etc. especially if the mats get damp, wet or you live in a high humidity area.












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