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By: Debbie Baird, Dynasty Samoyeds

Clean and check your dog's teeth often for tartar build up, redness of the gums or gum line, chipped/split/cracked or broken teeth. Also, for any foreign object that could be stuck in between the teeth or gum line, etc. I personally prefer to have my vet clean my dog's teeth. However, many owners do clean their own dog's teeth using a scaler and some follow up with a polisher if they own one. Even if you scale your own dog's teeth it is a good idea to have your vet or tech do the teeth ever so often. Polishing the teeth after cleaning/scaling is important. One thing we can all do is brush our dog's teeth on a daily or as often as possible basis. Most vet offices, pet stores, catalogs, etc. sell dog toothpaste and tooth brushes. You may prefer one of the finger type toothbrushes. Some owners will use baking soda and water for the teeth versus dog toothpaste. Again, check with your veterinarian on what he/she thinks is best for you and your dog. Consult with them prior to using a human brand of toothpaste. Keep in mind that gum disease, bad breath or excessive build up of tartar could signify other primary problems which should be addressed and treated.

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