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~Ticks & Fleas~
By:  Debbie Baird, Dynasty Samoyeds


Parasite Free Equals A Happy and Healthy Samoyed
"Casey", Owned By: Pamela Andenmatten

It is VERY important to use a product that is the most safe for your dog AND that will prevent not only fleas but also ticks. Not all products will protect your dog from ticks as well as the fleas. With the problem of the tick-borne diseases this should be a priority as well. I personally use Frontline TopSpot for my dogs to protect against ticks and fleas. Frontline also comes in a spray, which you can have on hand to do the legs, feet and underneath areas if you may be going into an area that is more prone to ticks. I prefer to use the Frontline TopSpot with Samoyeds being it is very difficult if not next to impossible to spray the entire dog down to the skin avoiding the eyes, etc. Frontline TopSpot will protect against ticks for 30 days and fleas for 90 days. You will need to wait 48 hours AFTER your dog's bath to apply. It can be applied 48 hours BEFORE the bath, but would recommend that you may want to apply after the bath versus before. For more information on the flea and tick products that are available consult with your veterinarian. Just make sure the product is for prevention of BOTH ticks and fleas. Consult with your vet, product inserts and packaging for how and when to apply the product, etc. If you use a product such as Frontline you do not need to use a flea/tick shampoo with your dog's bath. Use caution when using any flea or tick product, combining products, etc.

For an excellent site on diseases caused by ticks and fleas or to read about Samoyed and canine health click HERE.










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